Mystic Spray Tan Preparation and Maintenance


1)Shower - Avoid using any products on your body that contain oils and moisturizers.

2)Exfoliate - Dead skin cells will prevent you from completely absorbing DHA bronzers. Dry Skin will cause your spray tan to come out uneven and unnatural looking.

3) Shave - Shave like you would on a normal basis. Stay away from shaving creams that have oil or moisturizers in them, because they will cause the skin to not absorb the spray tan solution as deeply, which can lead to an uneven tan.

4) Do not apply any lotion or make up to your body. You need to have completely bare skin in order to get your best looking tan.

5) Use deodorant sparingly

6) Wear dark, loose fitted clothing.


1) Avoid showering for at least 8 hours. Full color will develop in about 10 - 12 hours. Showering before 8 hours will cause your tan to stop developing.

2) Avoid sweating for the first 10-12 hours, for sweating will cause your spray tan to become streaky and uneven.

3)Avoid chlorine pools and salt water - this will strip your tan away and it will not last as long.

4)Moisturize skin twice daily. Do not use moisturizers that contain Mineral oil, Petrouleum, and Waxes. These ingredients will strip your tan and cause your skin to become very dry.

5) Inbetween Spray Tans uses a product, such as Body Drench Quick Tan to keep your tan looking new and fresh! Available at the Salon for $16.99.